Blackjack Games from Playngo

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Blackjack is the most well-known card game offered by casinos around the world, and in this classic game of chance, your task is to receive two cards from the dealer that reach as close as possible to 21.

PlayNGo realised how much players like you enjoy Blackjack, and this is why they’ve created a high-quality Blackjack range for you to enjoy.

Blackjack Games Offered By PlayNGo

Blackjack Multi-Hand – Blackjack multi-hand is the most popular of the PlayNGo’s Blackjack range, and is just like the classic Blackjack game you’re probably familiar with. With the ability to play multiple hands at once (up to 3), there’s never been a better chance of winning, and if you’re really lucky, you may be able to hit 3 Blackjack’s one a single round!

European Blackjack – Almost identical to the game just looked at, the European version features two key differences. First, the dealer must hit on soft 17’s, meaning sometimes he’ll out-do you, while a lot of the time he’ll end up busting. The other key difference is that you can only double down on a combined hand total of 9, 10, or 11.

Double Exposure – One of the coolest Blackjack variations around today, Double Exposure is where BOTH the dealers cards are exposed… BEFORE you make your decision! This means you can always make the correct move, but there are obviously a few changes to ensure you don’t win every time.

First, if it’s a tie, the dealer wins and you lose your stake. Blackjack itself pays even money, and players can only split cards once. Like European Blackjack, the dealer must also hit on a soft 17.

Single Deck Multi-Hand – Single Deck MH Blackjack is, as you can probably guess, played with just a singular deck of cards. This tailors to old-school gamblers who like to enjoy the thrills of Blackjack without all the bells and whistles attached – just a simple, straightforward gambling experience!

Blackjack for Mobile Users

As with all of the PlayNGo games, you’ll be able to enjoy all of the popular Blackjack titles from your mobile phone or tablet. Simply open the games in your mobile internet browser, and you’ll be able to begin playing – and hopefully winning – right away

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