Scratch Card Games

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Scratchcards are something we all like to enjoy once in a while… and the thrill of wiping away the metallic covering, just hoping to unveil a big prize is an enjoyment factor for millions of players around the world.

However, having to go to the shop to buy the cards and claim prizes can turn into quite a hassle, and that’s why many online casinos now feature online scratch cards, giving you the chance to enjoy INSTANT wins!

PlayNGo, being one of the world’s most reputable providers of online casino games, have of course, designed their own Scratch games for you to enjoy, and it’s possible to win a LOT of money with them if you get lucky!

PlayNGo Scratch Games

Their most famous, and enjoyable title is called Hole in One, and this is a golf-themed scratch card where you must reveal golf-relevant symbols in order to scoop big prizes!

You’ll see symbols including golf balls, tees, golf bags, and more, and if you’re lucky enough to match 3 of the highest-paying symbols, you’ll win the max prize!

The other Scratch title offered by PlayNGo is the Scratch Ahoy version, which features around the life of a Pirate ship. Again, you’ll see theme-specific symbols, helping to immerse yourself into this highly-exciting and potentially rewarding Scratch game. What’s really cool about the PlayNGo scratch games is that they boast a handy ‘reveal all’ button, which stops you having to scratch each square automatically.

Of course, if you want, you can do it this way, but for the players to like to enjoy a fast-paced, action-packed experience, the ‘Reveal All’ button is a REALLY handy and useful tool.

Scratchcards for Mobile Users

You’ll be glad to know both the PlayNGo scratch-card games are available for mobile users to enjoy, and all you need is a mobile phone or tablet device with a working Internet connection, and you’ll be able to begin playing the game right away!

There’s nothing to download, and as soon as you’re logged into your casino account you can purchase your first card… and hopefully begin winning!