Top 10 PlaynGo Mobile Slots

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With the growth of the Internet (and the Casino scene), more and more players are choosing to game while on the go, be it from a mobile phone on the way to work, or a smart-tablet device while chilling on the sofa.

Whatever the device, Casino software providers have been working hard to ensure their games run flawlessly across all types of platform, and in this post, you’ll discover the top 10 PlayNGo video slots for mobile!

1Spin & Win Mobile Slot – One of their flagship titles, everything about Spin & Win Slot game is designed to give you – the player – as much enjoyment and satisfaction as possible. Colourful animations, clever development and speedy software help to place Spin & Win at the top of the list.

2Pearls of India Mobile Slot – A subtle yet fast-paced video slot, Pearls of India is set in the heartland of Ancient India, and it’s your job to uncover the pearls and place them into your account balance!

3Wizard of Gems Mobile Slot – Wizard of Gems is one of PlayNGo’s most well-known (and most-played) video slot titles, and it’s often features in casino promotions and new-player welcome packages due to its large pay-scale and enriching feature rounds.

4Gemix Mobile Slot – Loud music, colourful graphical animation and expert mobile-rendering, Gemix is one of the fastest games on this list, with mobile speeds virtually as reliable as that of a fibre-optic PC connection!

5Pimped Mobile Slot – Not for the faint-of-heartened ‘Pimped’ takes you into the underworld, and requires you to ‘beat the baddies’ in order to scoop prizes and take home the Moolah!

6Gem Drop Mobile Slot – A classic ‘falling’ slot game, Gem Drop may appear like it wouldn’t run well on mobile devices… but PlayNGo have made that assumption a thing of the past. Gem Drop runs perfectly, and with full customization over all settings, it’s perfect for ANY player wanting to game on the go.

7Book of Dead Mobile Slot – Eerie, creepy, and gory – three words you don’t normally associate with video slots. Except with Book of Dead. A morbid title that offers a unique (and exciting) gaming experience, this is one of PlayNGo’s most intense and rewards video slot titles

8Ninja Fruits Mobile Slot – Based (suspiciously) like the popular iOS app a few years ago, this action-packed video slot puts you in front of a LOT of fruit. Fun, right?

9Merry Xmas Mobile Slot – While Christmas games may not quite be your thing all year round, for some players, they can’t wait until the 25th December comes round again! For those players… this is PlayNGo’s ‘gift’ to you! Enjoy!

10Samba Carnival Mobile Slot – Another popular title, samba Carnival makes it into the list not for its gameplay, but for the incredible speeds at which is runs on mobile devices.

So there you have it: the top 10 mobile PlayNGo video slots. Check them out today, and see whether it’s your lucky day!

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